Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st: Día de Muertos en México

Hoy, primero de noviembre es Dia de Muertos en México. Today, November 1st is Day of the Dead in Mexico.

oday, I am remembering my grandparents: Flavia Espinoza and Felix Prado (maternal), Alberta Ceballos and Gumercindo Sosa (paternal).

The panteón (cemetary) at Rijo. Rijo is a little village in Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla where my mom grew up and where she and my dad met.)

My abuelita Flavia's grave

My abuelita passed away on October 5th 2004 at the young age of 80.
This picture was taken in August 2006, 2 years after my abuelita Flavia's passing. How I would have loved to see her, spend time with her and ask her to tell her stories about her life. My abuelita Flavia will always be in my heart, thoughts and has influenced my life.

That same day (in August 2006) I went to visit my abuelito Felix in Cuexpala, a small village a couple of miles north of Rijo.

This is the church in Cuexpala; the cemetery was on the right and left of the entrance.

I say that the cemetery "was" there because somehow people decided to knock down the gravestones. I remember that my abuelito's grave was somewhere around here. I just payed my respects to him.

After visiting my abuelito I went to visit my abuelita Beta in another panteón in Cuexpala. This is her grave.

My abuelita Beta passed at the age of 79 young in August 1983 (just before I turned 2 years old). Although I don't have any memories of her, she lives in my heart and through the my dad's memories and the values he has taught me in life. 
From L.A., my dad paid for this tombstone and the engravings: "In memory of my loving mother from his son that will never forget her: Efrain Sosa-Ceballos and Family." ~ October 25, 1996
My tio Abel's grave (left) and abuelita Beta's grave (right)

Today I also remember my brothers (2 older and 1 younger than me). They also rest in Cuexpala's panteón. 

My brothers, Javier Gumercindo would have been 45 today, and Martin Gumercindo would have been 42. In their memory, my dad named my (living) brother Javier Martin after them.
Until I saw this his tomb, I had not realized I would have had a bother 1 year younger than me; his name was Jose Félix.  

My little brother Jose Félix would be 29 today.
I have yet to find out from my mom about the Jose Félix's day of birth and passing.

Since last week I had been thinking about this day. A few days ago, I told Bret, " Dia de Muertos is next week...Oh how I wish I could be in Mexico right now. I would love to spend the Dia de Muertos with my mom and dad in Rijo."
Como me gustaria estar alli esta noche visitando a mis abuelitas y abuelitos y pasar tiempo de calidad con mis papás que andan ahorita en Mexico. Ahorita mis papis an de andar comprando flores en el mercado de Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla ♥



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