Friday, November 9, 2012

I am ready to do this (help President Obama move this county forward), are you?

This is an email I wrote some grad-school colleagues of mine:

Hola RIMI amig@s!

I hope you all are well!

I just want to tell you how excited I feel about Obama's re-election! I shared with Cindy and Leighanna that I would not vote for him for various reasons; however, I am very HAPPY he won, in fact I am ecstatic!

(In the days leading up to the election, Obama knew he'd win the Latino vote; In his victory speech on Tuesday, Obama mentioned immigration reform.) 71% of Latinos voted for Obama (vs. 27% for Romney) and they have strongly expressed an immigration reform in 2013!

Because I've been doing a lot of reading about the election results I can't help but get EXCITED (and teary-eyed) for the future of Latinos in California and the nation.

I wanted to share the email below with articles on the Latino vote. Everyone is talking about an immigration reform, improvements to the economy, and even that Republicans might not step into the White House again because they are "too old, too, white, too male" and fail to address the needs of Latinos (including Latino youth), African-Americans, women, gays, and the environment-- issues that I deeply care about.

I am just so excited, amig@s! Our country's demographics and politics are changing as I type this email. Change is happening in our lifetimes! But we must push harder for real change; we must be louder, clearer, bolder about our demands.

After learning more and more about the election results I am so inspired and motivated (you all know how passionate I get!). I am not stopping now. I have a vision and I am ready to work harder than ever to move this country forward in any little way I can.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, please share  :)



I am ready to do this (help President Obama move this county forward), are you? We gotta do this together! Read's Amy Goodman's article

 “People organized around this country, fighting for a more just, sustainable world. Now the real work begins.”  ~Amy Goodman

Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout A Revolution

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