Monday, November 12, 2012

End of Week 6 Progress Pictures

I didn't feel like taking pictures on Sunday (at the end of week 6 of the LiveFit Trainer), so I took some this (Monday) morning. 

 Need to balance between my front and back sides
I have never seen my shoulders this off before! I think it was just the way I was posing, LOL!

6 more weeks to go until I am in better shape than I was this summer-- I am half way through the program!

I have not changed my diet, but I am seeing changes in my body. For instance, I feel tighter, harder, and firmer. I feel my belly is shrinking a bit and my shoulders are beginning to develop nicely. (I still would LOVE to gain more muscle! I feel I am kinda small...)

These improvements make me wonder, what if I did take a closer look at my diet and tweaked it a bit? I would see a difference if could just stop eating peanut butter everyday! 

Just in case you were wondering...I won't compete again anytime soon. My goal right now is to be healthy, fit, live life and have fun doing so!



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