Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Answers to Questions About My Research Journey in Health Disparities

I received an email earlier asking me about my progress....I thought I should share my reply:

Hi Mara,

Here are my answers:

1)      If you are in a graduate program and if so, what stage you are at
- I am in the final stages of completing my thesis for an M.S. in Health Science degree. I am taking this year to study to re-take the GRE, strengthen my writing skills, seek to publish my thesis, and next December (2013) I will be applying to doctoral programs in public health in California. 

2)      If you are working, what your current position is and if it relates to health, health disparities and/or research
-I am not currently working; I am focusing on finishing my thesis, right now. Once I'm done with that step I hope to find a research assistant position in public health and/or health disparities. For the past few months I've been contacting my networks and asked them if they know of any positions suited for me-- so far I've had no luck, but they are keeping me in mind.

3)      If you have presented or published anything since you ended your RIMI Health Scholar tenure
-Yes, I presented a poster at the 2012 Latino Health Disparities Conference in April. The poster featured a qualitative analysis on focus group findings of Latina mothers with children ages 2-10.

4)      Anything else you would like to share
-I am deeply thankful to the RIMI project for investing in me! Had it not been for this (my participation in conferences, trainings, etc.) I would probably be struggling right now to find my path in health disparities research or perhaps, not at all. Because of Dr. Rios-Ellis' mentorship, inspiration and influence, I have created a vision of my future, more specifically, as a first-generation Latina seeking entry in a doctoral program. My research interests revolve around Latino health: culture, nutrition, physical activity, maternal and child health, and chronic disease prevention.

Thank you, Mara. Have a Happy Thanksgiving day and weekend with your family!


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