Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Will Do More with Less from Here on Out!

After Halloween, the year practically goes by so fast! As soon as we realize we are in November; there's the veteran's day holiday and (tomorrow is) Thanksgiving! The holidays have begun! Next week we arrive to December and start looking towards the end of the year!

With so many festive foods cooking and baking at home, and parties at work I realize that there is so much that goes to waste. Not only is food wasted and thrown out, we use up so much paper, plastic, cans, bottles-- everything!

Although I consider myself an environmentalist--I recycle, reduce, reuse anything and everything I can; I don't eat animals; I support organizations and causes that protect the planet and it's resources--I realize that I could DO MORE! 

We were at my mentor's party one night and I grabbed a water bottle. (I rarely do that--I usually bring my own--but this time I didn't.) When I got home I realized that I could do something with the plastic bottle.... I ended up dumping the left-over water in a flower pot and re-used the bottle for my beauty potion :-P

I mixed 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water to make a toner to put on my face overnight.
I've also re-used 2 empty glass jars to keep my q-tips and cotton balls.

As of today, what Bret and I do each time we go out to dinner, we ask our server for only ONE glass of water. We tell him/her that we are fine sharing one glass of water because "we like to conserve it." (I don't tell them this--but by asking for just one, it'll be one less dirty glass, meaning less washing, thus, less water wasted :).

We also clarify that we want "no ice" (again, less water; besides I don't like to drink cold water) and "no straw". Each year, billions of straws are used up once and tossed in the U.S. and we no longer will contribute to the dependency on plastic. We always make sure to be very nice about our "special" requests :)

As we wrap up 2012, I begin to think that in 2013 I will be as green as I possibly can. It will take lots of courage from me to stand up and tell the whole world (in person) that:
  • "I recycle that/those/these." ;-)
  • "Oh, wait, don't throw it away! It can be recycled." :)
  • "We can certainly re-use it! See?" B-)
  • "We really don't need the extra package/ plastic bag/wrapper, etc." :-O
  • "You ought to bring your own re-useable bag next time." ;-)
  • "No worries, I brought my own utensils and napkin!" :D

I am beginning to realize that being the change I want to see in the world is just not enough. I want to help others become that change, too. I am committed to spreading the word to everyone I can that we should be more conscious of what we use, how much we consume and try to do more with less stuff.

I know I will get laughed at, get funny and odd looks, and maybe even angry looks-- but you know what? I can handle it. I can totally handle uncomfortable situations with a smile on my face.

This is the planet I live in and I want to leave it better that how I found it. My children and future generations deserve it.



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