Wednesday, November 7, 2012

California Voters Defeated Prop 37

I am very disappointed at the fact that California did not pass Prop 37: Labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Prop 37 was defeated 53% to 47% by California voters which would have given us the right–to-know whether the foods we buy contains GMOs. It's not that Californians don't want to know what is in their food--almost half of us did--the other half probably did not understand it and were mislead.

The fact that half of California voted against Prop 37 was due in large part by the contributions to the NO on Prop 37 campaign by Monsanto's and the agribusiness (biotechnology and food manufacturing industries), a total of $40,000,000 vs.$9,000,000 by organic leaders.

Looking at the inforgraphic above I realized a couple of interesting things...

1) Bret and I don't buy any of the products that contribute to the NO on 37 campaign. However, at some point we did but we have significantly cut back on these:
  • R. W. Knudsen (fruit juices)
  • Organic Santa Cruz (fruit juices and peanut butter)
  • Naked Foods (fruit juices and smoothies)
  • Honest Tea (bottled cold teas)
  • Kashi (dry cereals)
  • Garden Burger (fake meat/ soy-based products)
  • Ugh, even the Latino food brand, Goya! (canned beans and other foods)
Now these brands and food items are on my list to NOT buy (I don't even like these food products anyway). You know that I will spread the word about boycotting these brands because they contributed money to take away our right to know what the hell is in our food! I will probably also write a letter to these companies letting them they lost my money and consumption!

2) Interestingly enough (more than the previous list and sometimes on occasions only), Bret and I do buy from the products on the list of organic leader brands that supported the YES on 37 campaign. These include:
  • Amy's (frozen dinners/food)
  • Earthbound Farm (pre-packaged spinach and greens)
  • WholeSoy & Co. (soy yogurt)
  • Traditional Medicinals (herbal tea bags)
  • Clif Bar (nutrition/protein bars)
  • Earth Balance (plant-based butter)
  • Tofurky (fake/ soy-based turkey products)
  • I also read a lot of nutritional information from Dr. Mercola at
Now that I know which companies supported prop 37, I will continue to buy these products and read Dr. Mecola's nutritional advice (even though he swears to the whole word that meat, eggs and dairy is good for you, yuck!). I will even drop them an email thanking them for their contributions.

I just want to say that in spite of Prop 37 not passing, we can still choose to vote with our food purchases, or as some have said, "vote with your fork."  If we can afford it, we can choose to buy organic foods. I personally think it is worth it to spend a few cents more for organic labeled food. Please make sure it has the USDA certified organic label.  

Now, I don't think all stores do this (I know Whole Foods Market does) , but we can even check for this label instead....

To learn more about the Non-GMO Project go here. You should also read the ingredients list and check for the package to read "non-GMO ingredients," but I don't think that is federally regulated though...

Keep this in mind: Each time we buy wholesome, natural, and organic food, we vote with our dollars demanding healthy food. Likewise, each time we buy unhealthy, processed, fattneing, sugary junk food and drinks, we also vote.

So how will you vote?





  1. Thanks for this info! I really wanted this prop to pass ! I voted for it

  2. Hi Erika! I am so glad to hear you voted YES on 37! Remember we also vote with our fork. This battle is not over; I think Prop 37 has sparked an interest in people (whether they voted yes or no--maybe because of lack of awareness/confusion of the prop's wording) to know more about their food. For those of us who voted YES on it, we're gonna continue fighting for the labeling of GMO (non)foods!