Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today is Election Day and I am ready to vote GREEN!

In 2007 I became a U.S. citizen and over the years I have become more conscious about our political state (although I have much to learn still!). In 2008, I voted in my first primary-Presidential Election where I gave Hillary Clinton my vote; then for the Presidential Election I voted for Barack Obama. 

So many people: Latinos, African-Americans and other communities were so happy Obama became our new President! We were all so hopeful that he would deliver the all the promises he made.

I don't know too much about Obama's presidency, but I know a couple of things that are important to me:

1) With pushes and shoves he was able to pass Health Care Reform to cover 25-30 million Americans who currently have no health insurance. However, the HCR will leave 12-15 million undocumented immigrants and permanent residents out for the first 5 years. (We need a universal health care system, a.k.a. Single-Payer to fully cover EVERYONE!)

2) He also passed Differed Action this June where young immigrants (under the age of 30) are protected  from deportation and allowed to receive work permits (that can be renewed every 2 years)-- but Deferred Action is NO path toward citizenship.

At this election, I am not voting for Obama again. I am not voting for him because, first, he didn't keep his promise he made to Latinos that he would reform the Nation's broken immigration system. Although he passed the two laws I mentioned above (yes, something is better than nothing) -- they are not comprehensive.

Secondly, I know that as far as the state of California goes, he will very likely win it. Using my vote on him will not make much of a difference because he will win California anyway.

Lastly, I am not voting Democratic because I am tired of having a 2-party system in the U.S. where Democrats and Republicans have more similarities than differences and we move forward very little, if at all.

So at At this election my vote will go to Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. It's about time this country stops the 2-party nonsense by speaking up and supporting a 3rd party with a new vision for the County. 

I am ALL for the values of the Green Party. My Green vote will send a message to other states in the nation: There is group of people who want real change. The Green Party's values are FOR people of color, women, gays, immigrants, the environment, education and health care for all. These are all the values that I stand for! If we don't ever vote differently we will always be on this hamster wheel/ treadmill. That is my message by going Green this election. I will vote Green because we need to change the 2-Party system in this country someday.

Originally ratified at the Green Party Convention in Denver, Colorado, June 2000

Although I was disillusioned by Obama's first term,  I am hopeful that he wins this year. I would rather have him serve as the President than a Republican anytime! I don't dislike Obama, don't get me wrong. Obama is quite charismatic, intelligent and understands how upside down this country is. He's had a pretty challenging term. I know he's fought, but we need him to be fight harder this time around.
A friend of mine on Facebook commented about his voting for Obama because of fear that Romney might win:
  • Friend: i guess I am just not willing to take that chance. I understand your thoughts that a vote for someone else sends a message, but also allows the real posibility that it could make a difference in allowing the worst to happen.

  • Beatriz Sosa-Prado Yes, that is valid (friend's name here). I was scared too to take a chance. I'm still a little scared to be honest, but I think Obama has a lead over Romney. I still respect your vote for Obama :) He will win California and that is what counts. I just want my children and grandchildren to see real change someday.
I am excited to exercise my right to vote today. I am also a very nervous about the elections around the country. Maine, Minnesota, Maryland y Washington will vote on marriage equality and whether or not to regulate marijuana like alcohol. But here in California we have our own measures to vote on too.

Here is the cheat-sheet I will use (although I have studied the measures on my own too) for the measures on the ballot in California: 

Still doing my research on Prop 35 and 40, but leaning towards a Yes on both.
So my final words are: Although I'm not voting for Obama (much less Romney!)-- Obama is the lesser of evils and I hope he wins. I am voting for the Green Party's Jill Stein to send a message that someday our country needs to stop this 2-party hamster wheels/ treadmill that moves us forward very little, if at all! 

Justicia, Igualdad, Salud, Amor y Paz (Justice, Equality, Health, Love and Peace),


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  1. Obama won the re-election!!! Although I did not vote for him, he won California and many battleground states! I am so excited for the progressive way this country is moving little year by year!