Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who Else Was For and Against Prop 37?

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I just found the infographic below, check it out!

  • See the stores/companies that contributed to the NO on 37 campaign. Bret and I don't shop at these, including Starbucks and Target (for other reasons I'll tell you about another day...).

    • We also don't shop at El Super, a predominately Latino market where my family occasionally shops at. I will definitely be letting them know about how this store feels about GMOs... 
    • Safeway is also on this infographic, but not on my list to shop at. We don't have Safeway here in SoCal, but Vons is a division of Safeway--same thing in my book. I don't shop at Vons; I don't like it at all anyway.

  • We do shop at Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Costco--stores that did not act on this measure.They didn't act because they DO carry GMOs and it wasn't convenient for them to take a stance on  the labeling of them! Well, at least they did not contribute to the NO on 37 campaign. 
    • Imagine, though-- what would have happened had they strongly supported a YES on 37?! (More likely that not, more people would have voted FOR it!).

  • Check out the contributors to the YES of 37. These are smaller, less-visible stores (that carry mostly organic foods and probably no GMOs). 
    • We shop at Whole Foods Market; however, WFM contributed a merely $25,000! Please; thei'r annual sales is $11 billion! ( Ugh.... 
    • When I lived/worked in Santa Ana I used to love doing my grocery shopping at Mother's Market (in Orange County-- there are none here in L.A.). MM was/is my favorite store! MM contributed just $2,000 to the YES on 37 campaign and something is better than nothing.
In Europe GMOs are banned, why can't we ban them in the U.S. too? Something to think about, right? The way we spend our money says a lot about our values as individuals, communities and the nation. 

Whether it's unhealthy food, clothes, MP3's, cars, etc., what we buy and where we buy often comes with another price tag (other than what we paid for at the point of sale). This "other" tag bring short- and long-term consequences that take a toll not just on our our health and lives, but the health and lives of others.

You might say, "well manufacturing/production/crops create new jobs," which is true, but there is mote to that. For instance, the health of the planet/environment is at stake and worker's rights (children, women, and men) are often abused. I don't want to deviate from the subject, but I just get so passionate about how we vote with our purchases and I have a lot to say.

Okay, I will end it here, otherwise I'll go off topic talking about having ecological intelligence and how shopping (for food and being consumers) can save or destroy our world.

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