Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some Pictures of Me in 2006!

I found an USB with many pictures from the time I spent in Mexico during the 2nd half of 2006!
 Here are some pictures of me before having a plant-based diet! :D

At the Majestic Restaurant in Mexico City

Mid-September, 2006

Facing the Zócalo in Mexico City

Fake smile; You can tell how insecure I felt here because I knew I was gaining weight! All those alcoholic and sugary drinks did not help!

I wore that baby-doll to hide my belly

The ocean water threw me off balance and when I was able to pick myself up I realized I had collected so much sand in my bikini bottom (you can see it, LOL)!

Yup, enjoying ANOTHER drink!

With my roommate and friend Siobhan in December 2006. I was at my heaviest weight here: 140 lbs.

I had a great time looking through my old pictures this morning. One day I'll post more pictures!
Wow, I've come a long way!

Happy Saturday!



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