Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your Eyes and Hands Will Help You Determine the Right Portion Size!

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Watch this (1:37 minute) video about food portion sizes! Learn how you can use your eyes can help you visualize the size of the food you want to eat in order to have portion control!

See, don't waste time and energy counting calories-- you'll go crazy! Eat when you are truly hungry. How do you know you're truly hungry or just eating emotionally? You will know if you are truly hungry if you would eat an apple if you had it in front of you at that moment. If you say "no" to the apple, then you are not truly hungry.

Learning to recognize your body's messages and signals will help you eat mindfully. Eating when you are "slightly" hungry will prevent you from eating with your eyes. But your eyes can also help you make decision about how much to eat. See the charts below to learn about visuals of what serving sizes should look like.


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