Friday, October 19, 2012

These Songs Got Me Through The Week!

I've been asked many times before, "What's your motivation?" (in regards to my fitness).

What goes through my mind when I workout-- and let me tell you, I work out (darn) HARD! What makes me lift heavier, run faster and focus relentlessly through my training?

Well, (aside from me loving the way each cell in my body functions and pushing my body to limits I didn't know existed) it's the all the feelings I get when I listen to my favorite music....Really. 

I'm going to give you a play list of the classic songs that get me through each week! These songs pump me up (when I don't want to go to the gym), get me through my rigorous workout sessions or help me relax as I stretched and/or walk home!

"Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles
 This song is priceless, it's a masterpiece. It means so much to me in every aspect of my life. It helps me cope with life's challenges and reminds me that others are facing tougher challenges than I am. Strawberry Fields reminds me to enjoy each breathe of life and to love it.

"Magnificent" by U2
Bret introduced me to this song and dedicated it to me. Each time I listen to Magnificent, I think about how perfect Bret and I are for each other. He and I were "born to be with" each other, "in this space and time". I also think about my love for my Latino community and and my passion to improve people's lives in which ever way I can, "Only love, only love can leave such a mark."

"Don't Go Away" by Oasis
I sing this song to myself; it has a special meaning. The meaning behind it is that some times I have wonderful times, I am productive, focused and ready to go; but at times I can lose myself if I'm not careful-- so I tell the good side of myself not to "go away."

"Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins.
Today is the day. Today is the MOST special day we've "ever known; Can't live for tomorrow; [We] might not have that long". Let's live in the present. This song reminds me to live right now because who knows it I'll see tomorrow. 

 "One of These Days" by The Foo Fighters
When I listen to this song, I think of life and how "one of these days" we will be witnesses of pain and hurt in our own lives if we don't begin to stop taking life for granted. Take care of yourself, feed yourself right, exercise, manage stress and love those around you.

"Mysterious Ways" by U2
God-- She works in "mysterious ways". Everything that happens in life has a reason for occurring; it's Her design. In the end, everything will be alright if you just "follow your feelings". 

"Testify" by Rage Against the Machine
When I see injustice I will speak up and I hope that everyone else who sees injustice speaks up too. (I am not sure what this song is about exactly, but I love it!) RATM music talks about injustice and gives power to the people to rise and change the status quo. If you put a plug in my head while I'm working out and you plug it to an amplifier, RATM music will come out!

 "The Rover" by Led Zepellin
Talk about a hard-core workout song every single time! This song always gets me going when lifting heavy at the gym! I love people and I love the world. If we could all just get along would be amazing, "If we could just hold hands...

 "Lose Yourself" by Eminem
"What if you had one moment, one chance to do anything you ever dreamed of?" Well, this is it. Your LIFE is that ONE moment. Just when I think I can't do it and I want to give into inertia, that is exactly when I decide to go agaist it and I just get it done. Focus and get myself lost (without losing myself) in the things I love. 

I have so many songs in my playlist that get me through life's challenges, they pump me up, remind me it's amazing to be alive and give me hope for the future. 

I love music that I can relate to. I love bobbing my head, singing my heart out and just feeling free through music. I'm so lucky that my husband is a music addict too, though he is WAY MORE than I am! I do my best to keep up with him! 

I hope you enjoyed my list and if you also relate to these song, you KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN.

Which songs get you this fired up?



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