Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Vitamin D Dose for My Brain from Plants and Sunlight!

In reading about which specific foods benefit body organs this morning, I learned that Vitamin D is essential for the brain. Since the day of my seizure (August 12th) I’ve been more vigilant about what goes in my body and have become more conscious about optimizing my nutrition to improve my over-all health.

This morning I also learned that Vitamin D can be consumed through eating mushrooms! Although I take a daily multi-vitamin (containing Vitamin D), I strongly believe that only by eating quality and varied plant-based foods, such as mushrooms, greens (spinach, kale, collard greens) and fortified foods I will get what I need.

What I do know is that just being exposed to at least 30 minutes of sunlight (for me who has dark skin—and 20 minutes for those with lighter skin) our body naturally produces Vitamin D through sunlight absorption.The sunlight I’ve been getting lately is in the early morning, however, and is not as much (I walk to and from the gym before 11am). The sun rays before 11am are actually not as strong, so I probably don’t get enough sunlight; Most of the time I’m indoors reading, writing and studying. After reading that article I grabbed a cup of warm yerba mate and green tea, grabbed my book and I went outside to read.

For about 40 minutes I sat outside my apartment complex to read in the sunlight, it was 10am (again, before 11am, but some sunlight is still great. :) I was wearing shorts and I made sure that my legs were exposed to the sunlight (but tried not to get it on my face. ;) The sunlight and warmth on my skin felt so good!!! It was very nice and relaxing. 

To make sure that my brain gets the Vitamin D it needs to be healthy, I will continue to diligently feed my body with wholesome food and shower it with plenty of southern California sunlight



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