Friday, October 5, 2012

I've Started the LiveFit Trainer: Watch My Body Transform!

Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer 
On, October 1st, I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12-Week Trainer! I have almost completed my first week of the program! I think that by challenging myself to follow through with this plan I can achieve many things in the next 3 months. 

I want to improve my nutrition, increase my stamina and energy, and sleep better and deeply. I want to improve my muscle tone, drop a little more body fat, have more endurance and strengthen and increase my body's flexibility. If want to finish 2012 with a BANG! I need to be as organized as possible and plan ahead so that I am able to do all the other things I love in my life.  

Okay, I am going to be real with you and put myself out there. Here are my "BEFORE" pictures! I took some of these pictures on my own in the morning (the ones where my head doesn't show) and right before going to bed I asked Bret to take some. I will blog, post pictures and videos about my 2012 LiveFit journey!

Phase 1 (Muscle Building): 
Beginning of Week 1
I look so cute without make-up on :)


What I will not follow from the program is Jamie's diet plan. I have a nutrition plan of my own, which I think it's pretty balanced and consists of eating wholesome plant-based food (yes, I'm vegan :). I want to show you how through eating clean (no processed food or animal products) and weight training on a consistent and rigorous program I can achieve my best physique ever!

I know this journey will not be easy, but I am totally ready for the challenge! I will face some rough times, but I am certain this challenge will only take me in the direction I want to go. If I do my best in this area of my life (nutrition and fitness), I hope to do my best in all areas of my life that I set out to do (Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit)! Follow me and watch my body transform!

Feel free to jump in and do the LiveFit program with me! Wanna give it a try? Just do it, life is precious yet to short. See what happens to your body when you begin to eat right and train hard!

All my best,


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