Saturday, October 13, 2012

Loving My Body Over the Years

After looking at some of pictures of myself (blog below), I was like, "Oh......" I immediately had identified some areas that need work. I told myself that I would improve my diet from now on because I was not too happy with my pictures...

But then I told myself, "No. Why do you say that? You have a beautiful body. You workout so hard and you eat so well—you have a great nutrition, you get sufficient sleep and you have an awesome relationship with yourself. Why would you say that some areas in your body 'need work'? How could you not be happy?"

We all experience this; when ever we're out to get something and we get it, it’s not the same anymore and we're not satisfied. We are never satisfied; we a want more, better. Can’t we come to appreciate what we have? We often think about how long we have to go until we reach our goals and we don't stop to think how far we’ve come.

 On my wedding day (21 July, 2012) I felt loved, joyous, beautiful, and strong.
I certainly have come a long way January 2007. Over the past 5 ½ years I've developed many healthy habits, like eating well, drinking lots of water, committing to fitness (by working-out with weights consistently).... The decisions that I’ve made have lead me to where I am today.

Sure, I’ve fallen off plenty of times, but I have grown and learned from those experiences. I’ve read so much (this is why I know what I know) and I’ve applied these things to improve. I’ve tried, tried and tried to adopt a healthier and active lifestyle. I learned to take each day as a new opportunity to start over without worrying about the past.  I am still learning to recognize how far I’ve come and I am still learning to appreciate what I have.  
Over the years I have developed a stronger relationship with myself and I am still learning how to accept myself just the way I am. The body I have now is not perfect and I am not seeking perfection. However, through my own eyes, when I look in the mirror and notice all the imperfections of my body, I see past them. I've learned to see the beauty of the human being I am. "I am a masterpiece of the Creator," I say to myself, and then see perfection. 

Looking at the pictures I was talking about earlier, brought so many thoughts to my mind and heart. I realize that feeling happy and being healthy is a state of mind. I am just seeking to be the best woman I can be. I've leaned to love my body and be proud of it. My body is the only place my can spirit live in while on this Earth. The journey to becoming the best me continues and I am enjoying every bit of that journey.

I do my best to be self-aware; to learn to live in the moment and appreciate what I have every second of my life. It’s not easy, but I consistently try.



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