Friday, September 7, 2012

Where have my chest muscles gone? Who cares about my boobies ;)

 After dropping more body fat at the begging of the year, I lost my boobs. I figured that the more muscle I add to my chest the faster my boobies would disappear. 

While training for my last competition (May 26, 2012) I did not focus on chest at all. I probably did some push ups and dips, but no weights. Sure, I kept my boobies alive, but at the expense of my chest muscles...

I saw this picture of myself last night. This was taken after my first show where I indulged in a BJ's hamburger and french fries. Yes, I was an occasional meat-eater then. Nasty. Now that I think of it I am grossed out! French fries? Ewww. I wouldn't even set foot in a BJ's because they have crap there. Anyhow, what amazed me was my chest! Look at it, I was toned there and now I'm not :(  
A couple of weeks ago, I had decided that I minimally work on chest with weighted exercises because it will give me a better over-all look. I realize that my wedding pictures don't show lots of tone in the front of me. I actually wasn't as lean the day of my wedding, I think I held a little more fat, but that was okay. 

Because I haven't worked on chest for months, I've lost so much muscle that you can now see my ribs on my chest, yuck! So I am going to change that...This morning I worked out my back and also I added dips, lots of push-ups and 2 chest weighted exercises. 

From now on I'm going to train my chest so that it supports a fit back and my body has more balance--who cares if I lose my boobies! I will still love myself just as much and I know Bret will continue to love me just as much!

Good night!



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