Friday, September 14, 2012

My Actions Steps to Learning How to Focus and Be Productive (Part 1)

So in my journey to learn how to focus my attention and get my butt down and study, write and be productive, I did some research. I tent to hyper-focus when I like something, so I knew I should look into only three sites: 
1)       WebMD 
2)      Tiny Buddah
3)      PsychCental 
This is what I got from WebMD:

Ø Take medications as directed. I already do take my medication and I am my own doctor and pharmacist! 
  • eating a healthy plant-based diet,
  • working out at least 5 days a week,
  • staying hydrated, and
  • sleeping deeply and soundly.
 Ø  Organize yourself. I need to train myself to take notes of EVERYHING, use Post-It notes, alarm clocks, reminders, emails and having checklists. I need to have an organized space to have a clear mind and get to work.

Ø  Control impulsive behavior. I constantly have my internet on and every time something pops into my head I Google it! Ahhh! One of my compulsions also is making sure I have an empty inbox: I check my email, reply back as soon as possible and read as much information as possible I get from websites I'm subscribed to. I’ve limited checking my Facebook account once a day only, but that is still not perfect. 

Ø  Minimize distractions. Having the internet off while I work is helpful. When I go to coffee shops or even being at home while Bret listens to music I need my ear plugs so I can focus.

Ø  Find constructive outlets for excess energy. I am the type of person that loves to exercise and needs to exercise. When I exercise, not only am I good at focusing during my workouts, I also am more productive during the day because I have expelled so much energy.  Working-out essential to get enough blood flow into my brain and body.

Ø  Ask for help. Thank God I have such a supportive husband, he’s a blessing!
On to my journey for a Fit Mind!



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