Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's the Last Day of September 2012!

Today is the last day of September! For many, September was like the "new January" as some people on Facebook had said. I couldn't quite get it to be the "new January" for me. Why couldn't September be the real or newer September?

I wanted to start new again this September. I wanted to start fresh on a clean slate and get in tip-top shape, clean up my diet and finish 2012 with a bang! But as much as I tried for this month to be my "IT" month I wasn't successful...

In October I will try this again....This is the month for me. I am starting a new fitness regimen, the LiveFit 12-Week Trainer I got from Jamie Eason, my fitness role-model. It consists of 3 phases of 12 weeks. This new way of training will shock my body because I won't be following my ordinary fitness plan, but follow Jamie's plan instead.

As far as my diet, I 'll continue to have my plant-based nutrition! :D But I have a few things that I will actually change/ improve on. I intend to limit processed foods as much as possible! For instance, I will not drink soy milk anymore, no bread or tortillas--not even Ezekiel, nothing that comes in a package. If I do have processed soy products I will eat as little as possible. Living with a husband who enjoys eating processed soy foods (more than occasionally) will make it  challenging for me to say no. However, Bret is incredibly supportive of my goals and has said to me that he will not cook processed if I don't want to. He also said that he'll buy very little processed food so that we don't have it around the house and prevent me from getting tempted to eat it.

Another type of food that I will limit--and actually have not eaten much of for the past 4 or even 5 months--is nuts. For me, eating nuts every day (like I used to) is not conducive to my goals. My #1 goal is to be healthy, but I also like being lean. In order to achieve that desired  leanness I should limit my fat intake. So I've decided to eat nuts very sparingly. I actually try to not cook with oil either because oil "is not a whole food – it is a processed food, consisting of 100% fat."

For the next 12 weeks I will document my progress with blogs, pictures and videos. I really want to show  that you can be healthy and fit, gain muscle and lose fat on a plant-based diet! Follow my journey as I finish this year with a BANG!!!



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