Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson of the Day: Do Not Eat at Non-Vegan Restaurants!

Tonight Bret and I realized that we didn't have the right ingredients to prepare any kind of dinner. The truth is that we could have eaten anything we wanted (I thank God we have all this food in the fridge and pantry!) and it didn't necessarily have to go together, but it was me who wanted to eat out...again. We decided to go to Nathalee Thai's (the closest restaurant to our house) because I was craving noodles! We know that Nathalee Thai’s is not vegetarian, much less vegan, but we still went because "we're pretty good at picking out anything from the menu and ask for it to be vegan." 

We ordered the papaya salad—the only vegan thing on the menu! When the salad arrived, to our surprise, we saw little pieces of dried shrimp all over! We got scared to see so many tiny little carcasses! “Ahhh! It has shrimp!!” -- we almost sounded panicked. Yuck, it made my stomach turn….In no way would we eat that!

“Oh, I thought you knew…” the waitress said.

“No, we didn’t,” I told her. “I was happy to find at least one vegan salad; I didn’t know it had shrimp.” She nicely offered to take it back and prepare a new salad without shrimp, phew!

I just could not eat animal meat, not even if it touches my food—when I go to a restaurant, that is. If someone cooks for me, I can easily and discreetly take out the meat, but at restaurants I just cannot and will not eat meat. We also Pad See Ew as a second dish; we had to ask for this dish without egg and when it arrived at our table we had to look at it closely to make sure no egg snuck in there. Since I already had the image of the little dried shrimp in the salad, my taste buds were not all messed up now. Soon we realized that the food just wasn’t appetizing anymore, but we were so hungry we ate—but to be honest, the food did not taste good to us…

What Bret and I learned from this experience is to not go to non-vegan restaurants. We usually never do and now I know why. If the restaurant is not vegan, somehow little animal carcasses and/or animal products seem to creep in the food! Nasty. So we both decided we will not go back to Nathalee Thai’s. Not only was the service not good, the food was not filling and I distrusted where it came from. Right now my stomach feels gross…So from now on, we'll definitely stick to eating only at vegan or vegan friendly restaurants!
Good night!


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