Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is Now Here and I'm on a Mission to Be My Best Self!

We are now in the autumn season! The first day of fall was yesterday and I am ready to fall into the best health and fitness of my life! I try to often remember to use each day as opportunity to better myself, inside and out. By using the Whole Person framework: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit, I have a clearer vision of my purpose and goals and how to better approach them. 

For my Body- I am always on a mission to improve my nutrition, be more adventurous with new vegetables, fruits (seeds, legumes, and grains), try new recipes and cook more, eat a balanced and varied diet, get my fitness on (build more muscle, burn fat, get stronger and run faster). Making sure I get plenty of sleep each night is not only beneficial for my mental health, mental sharpness and sustained energy throughout the day, but it is awesome medicine for beautiful eyes, skin, total rejuvenation of my organs and muscle repair! 

Move it or you lose it!
For my Mind- Another mission of mine is to master my own mind. So as I've stated before, I am on this journey to improve my focus by prioritizing, improving my memory and attention span, staying focused, minimizing distractions, being more productive, etc. It's about Mind over Matter. Anything that the mind says, the body does. The mind is like muscle: it needs to be fed well so it supplied with nutrients, it needs to be built like a muscle and challenged.

For my Heart- Strengthening my relationship with my loved ones (my family) is the fuel that fires my heart. I need to further cultivate and nurture my relationships if I want to be happier and make my loved ones happy too. I treat my relationships like a bank account by constantly and making deposits to my relationships by treating then with care, respect, and honesty each time. I also try to focus practicing gratitude and loving kindness. 

On the contrary, by making withdrawals, i.e., breaking promises, lying and being disrespectful will only put me in the red in my relationships. What I must remember is that making a deposit needs to feel like one to the other person, if not, then it won't matter. In other words, I need to do things that are meaningful other person. I can do whatever I feel is meaningful, but if they don't see it as such, the relationship won't grow. 

For my Spirit- I want to contribute more to my community, causes I believe in and to our beautiful planet. Getting outside of myself and thinking about doing things for the greater good of others (in the present and future), the environment and humanity is descriptive of this mission I have to make this world a better place; this is why I am an activist. 

By fighting for social justice, speaking up and defending the oppressed or absent, using less resources and by even eating a plant-based (vegan) diet, I believe I am being the change I wish to see in the world. Doing simple little things as signing a petition, helping translate a message into Spanish or to even recycling, reducing and reusing is considered keeping my spirit fit, in my book.  

It is always a process to become the best self one can be. Life is too short, so I try to be my best because if I die tomorrow, I want people to remember me as a loving and kind woman who always tried to be the best she could be. 

So for the next 3 months until 2012 is over I am determined to continue making positive modifications to all areas of my life. I am so excited what this season will bring in store for me and the people I love! 

Love, Joy, Peace and Health,


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