Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yesterday at 5pm Bret wasn't home yet and I imagined he was at school still grading papers so I send him an on-line text message (I don't have a phone right now). He immediately called me at the house. I asked him, "Babe, can you pick me up and take me to the gym?"

He told me he wasn't going to the gym because it was his day off and then he asked, "Don't you remember? I'm taking you out for for birthday...?"

"What?" I asked. I did not remember he told me about it. I do remember I said that I wanted no presents and taking me out to dinner would be enough, but I don't remember we said on August 17th.

Bret took me to a nice dinner at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, the same place where he proposed. It was such a wonderful feeling to know my husband always does these little things for me, he always remembers. It was such a fun surprise to suddenly get ready for my surprise birthday dinner with my one and only.

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