Saturday, August 25, 2012

I don't want to give more any more excuses...Am I ready for a new plan though?

You know, I just stopped counting the days after my birthday, you know the "Day #1, Day #2, etc.?" All I wanted to do this week was sleep enough, get my work done and have enough energy to have a good workout at the gym. Now that I've been coffee- and stimulant-free for almost 2 weeks, my workouts are as intense as I can only be. (But I confess they can be even more intense than I out effort into). This week I did not prepare any meals for lunch or dinner, but only my breakfast which consisted of mostly fruit an then a small bowl of oatmeal (1/4 - 1/3 cup, dry).

So, I want tro try this out: write a plan I can stick to fir the next 4 weeks. This plan will include daily meals, food that I will only eat and a fitness plan. My goal for the rest of the year should be to become leanner, toner, fitter, more flexible, faster, have more endurance. 

Once I have that plan, I will take a "before" picture of myself wearing a bikini, and not look at myself in a mirror for 4 weeks. Whoops, can I really do that?? I think that not looking at myself for a few days--and then looking at myself after my hard work, will deliver some great news when the time's up and I will see some great results! I must confess though that I am not ready to make that plan though.... I kinda had been feeling sad, depressed a few days ago because of what happened to me (seizure). Little by little, however, with the support of Bret, my family and friends, and the fact that I have not had a second seizure, I've been feeling a whole lot better.

Today, Saturday, the charla (intervention) at work was cancelled and I am a little bummed about that, but at the same time and I'm happy that I get these 6 hours today to work on my own stuff! This is a cliche, but I want to start my plan on Monday. I am 31 now, and I am not getting younger. I am 31 now, I a mature woman, I know what I want and I'm out to get it. No more excuses, I am not living to make excuses staying away from my dreams.

Health, Joy, Peace and Love,


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