Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I need to FOCUS to get all of my s&*% done!

Since last April the progress on my thesis went downhill. In May I took a second part-time job which turned me into a full-time employee. Then when I realized- the last minute preparations for my wedding were infront of me. On July 21st I married my best friend and we were off to our honeymoon in Italy until August 3rd. On August 12th I had the 3rd seizure of my life which made me reflect on my life and health. I didn't drive for almost 2 weeks, my schedule was off and I felt down. I got lots of encouragement from Bret, my family and friends and I slowly picked myself up. Slowly I began to catch up with everything, but I still felt behind.

Just now, I feel that I am starting to catch up, but then I realize that I have MORE to add to my TO-DO list. The fall semester started yesterday at CSULB and I haven't signed up for my 1 thesis unit I need to keep my student status. This fall I am determined to finish my thesis and seek to get it published in the near future. I am getting back to the thesis research, writing, reading, analyzing, editing today. It's a journey, but I feel fortunate that I have a supporting team to get me through, that includes, Bret and my thesis advisors.

I have a long way to go, I have to take each day one thing at a time, one day at a time. I am keeping my eyes on the prize, finish that thesis, become a great writer, publish, get great scores on the GRE, apply and enter a doctoral program and then a doctoral degree--my dream. Each little step leads me to become the best applicant to doctoral programs applicant I can be. I need to stay focused. Just as when I prepare to be on stage wearing nothing but a bikini, 5-inch clear heels and in the best shape of my life, I am going to prepare all the little details to apply for my PhD or DrPH.

My mentor once told me, "Beatriz, every time your mind wonders off, tell yourself," as she used the hands as blinders on each side of her face, "Focus. Focus. Focus." I need to do that. Focus.



P.S. These are the foods that fuel me each day!
I have a green protein smoothie everyday post-workout!

Culver City Farmer Market's organic produce $15

Dinner! Spinach salad and ratatouille Bret made :)

For dessert we had watermelon wedges! No, that is not wine in the back, it's white vinegar.

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