Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today we leave from Rome to Venice!

Yesterday, I had headache since 5pm. I thought that after dinner it would go away, but it didn't :( As we walked to our hotel my head was stil aching, but I dind't complaint to Bret, I was just quiet. We took a shower and then we went to bed. I went to bed with my headache. He offered a Tylenol and although I wanted to take it, I didn't want to trick my body by masking the symptoms. I wanted my body to heal itself so I went to sleep.

This morning I woke up (7:06am) and guess--what? I still have a small headache. I dranl about 1/2 a L of water. I am not going to worry about it because this is my honeymoon and I am enjoyin it! Yeah, my poor little body is telling me something, but I'm goin to continue to eat as right as possible, and of course--eat pasta, pizza, gelator and canole! :-D

Today we check out at 9:00am from our cheap little hotel in Rome and hope that the city tax (2 Euro's per person per night) gets charged to Bret's father's credit card because we have NO cash right now! We'll walk about 20 minutes or so to the Termini station to catch our train that leaves at 9:45am to Venice!

We get breakfast in just a few minutes! I'm love my orange juice, apple mash (sauce) and tea, and coffee! Today will  be a nother great day! Hey! Breakfast is now here, yay!

Health, Joy, Peace and Love,


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