Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another weight-loss Article: "5 Secrets of Naturally Thin People"

I just came across this article that caught my attention: "5 Secrets of Naturally Thin People" so I checked it out of curiosity (not because I needed to know so that I could apply to myself)...  I didn't read the intro and went straight to the bullet points.

The first habit was  # 1 of Shape's diet tips: Weigh in regularly -- and that is when  the article lost credibility (if it ever had ANY at all). This is when I knew this was ANOTHER weight loss article. I didn't really read what it said after that, and I focused on the other habit headings. The bottom line is that I don't agree 100% with those so-called "habits".

I guess, through out my journey I've realized that there are other ways around getting to a healthy weight. Let me just say that I don't believe in "losing" weight; but in getting to a healthy weight. Weight is just a number on the scale so focus on making healthy habits, take it slow, be persistent and patient, you WILL get there. Weighing yourself does nothing for you, it only makes you feel "fat" because you will never be happy with the numbers.
# 2 of Shape's diet tips: Pump up the protein
I say: Personally, I don't eat as much protein as I used to. I stopped measuring the number of grams I eat a day. I am sure I eat more than enough, more than I need. In realty we only need 10% of protein of our daily caloric intake. For instance, someone eating 2,000 calories would have to eat only 200 calories (50g) of protein. Consuming too much protein can actually be harmful to health ( and when people say you "need protein" it is actually a myth.

# 3 of Shape's diet tips: Strive for five...
I say: Yes, aim for 5 fruits and vegetables if you're just starting out...But eating more than 5 is ideal! 1/2 of your plate should be fruits and veggies. Eating lost of fruits and veggies is positively associated with better health, disease prevention, a healthy weight and so much more! There is NO SUCH thing as eating "too much" fruits or vegetables, so when in doubt about what to eat -- eat a fruit!

# 4 of Shape's diet tips: Learn to love exercise
I say: Yeah, learn to love exercise, but the only way to love it it's to live it. Exercise is a way of life, it's not a chore or a means to finally drop a dress size (a.k.a "losing weight" which I am not for). Exercise really is a way of living. When it becomes part of you , you love it and it helps you keep and maintain balanced in different area of life, I promise!

# 5 of Shape's diet tips: Eat out less often
I say: Eat out less often, sure, but I would re-phrase this as "Cook your own food, pack a lunch and eat it." Don't focus on not doing something, but also focus on actually "doing" things that will get you reach your goal. Eating out less will definitely help, so do your best to cook and eat your own food. Take a cooking class, make time to shop for food and preparing it - then eat it :) This way you control how much fat, sodium and sugar you're eating, in addition to controlling the portion sizes. Be in control of what you eat, and don't really on eating out, much less eating fast food.

So in my opinion, I would re-write this article by first of all, taking  off "....Naturally Thin People" in the title because people can be naturally thin, but be unhealthy. It's not about being thin (or "skinny") but about being healthy and having a healthy weight. I'd add "The 5 Habits of Healthy, Conscious People" and I'd probably add more habits, like:
  • Drink 64 oz. of water
  • Get sufficient Sleep
  • Eat Breakfast Every Morning
  • Avoid Processed, Sugary and Salty Food
  • Avoid all Animal Products (reason why I chose to go vegan: for health).

I wanna add that being healthy or getting healthy it is not about weighing oneself, or depriving oneself from life's good food, or exercising just to "lose weight" for an event. To get healthy, one needs to become conscious - and make intelligent chances and choices that shape a different way of living. Being healthy is not a fad, or something to do at the beginning of the year (New Year Resolution), but a way to live and being your best self.

Good luck!

Health, Joy, Peace and Love,


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