Thursday, July 12, 2012

We just want to be heard and have our feelings validated

At work tonight...

After measuring for her height, weight and waist, I told the lady from the community her numbers....I was careful not  to deliver the information in a judgmental way. The numbers were pretty high, but I told them as they were because my community needs to know the truth of their health status. Knowing this truth left her very disappointed....I told her that because of the lifestyle we live, it can affect or promote our health. What the numbers show are not her life experiences, but are a result of them.

She was very disappointed to realize about her health status and then she started talking to us about those life experiences......She shared with her sad story about her family and even shed tears. I tried to empathize with her and appreciate her time with us. I just listened and I told myself, "Wow, I have NO idea of what is happening out there, no idea."

She finished telling me a good news: In spite all of her suffering she filled for Naturalization and in April 2012 she became as U.S. Citizen!!! I jumped for joy and I hugged her! It means so much for her to be a U.S. Citizen, It means SO MUCH for the Latino community! What a strong and resilient woman! I looked her in the eye and I told her that she is a fighter!

When people talk to me, whether it's friends, family or strangers I do my best to listen...To be attentive looking into their eyes and just listen. I've realized that people love to talk and share their pain or happiness. We all love to talk! But when people are going through hard times we just want to be heard and have someone to hear then out and validate our feelings.

I feel so priviledge to hear thir stories and share their happiness! I love my job!

Health, Joy, Peace and Love,


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