Monday, July 2, 2012

My wedding day is 19 days away!

As CRAZY as this may sound, I feel I need to get on a diet! But it is better said: a careful eating and training plan so I can look my best on my Big Day!

I'm trying to tweaking my diet these next few days, similar to contest prep. So my intake of greens will go up, but I will continue eating broccoli. Since I won't be showing my tummy (my dress is tight enough) I don't need to worry about bloat or water retention on my lower body. 

This is my sister Laura and Greg on their wedding day. I'll be reusing this beautiful gown!

The good thing is that my upper body is the fittest, tone-est, tightest part of me! Yay!!! I wanna make sure it satay that way, so I must be careful on what I eat. My arms EASILY gain fat and flab! Similarly, though, they can tone up pretty quickly -- an consistency is the key!

Today, Bret and I walked to the and from the gym and I worked on shoulders in the morning . In in the late afternoon I jogged to the and from the gym to do high intensity interval training (HIIT) at 30 seconds 9.5 mph on a 3.0 incline, then I jumped off the machine and rested for about 30 seconds. I did that for 20 minutes.

Tonight we had pizza for dinner and asked Bret to bake me a smaller version of what we usually eat. I'm not having dessert, I have to work on my self-control. Now it's time for a movie with my honey. I my future husband :)



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