Monday, June 18, 2012

Tomorrow will be another day and my body will face the consequences of tonight's food choices :(

Bret's aunt and uncle who live in Maryland are here in L.A. right now and invited us to dinner tonight. Because spending time with family as much as possible is important to me, I decided to put a couple pf my things on hold so I can be with Bret and see our family.

Although we don't like it--nor do they have the food we like, we agreed to go to Souplantation, Bret's uncle, Hanan's, favorite restaurant.Apparently, (according to Bret's mom) Hanan was adamant in choosing the restaurant and the only place he wanted to go was Souplantation. (He hates vegan food! Haha!)

I started off  with a big salad which I devoured so fast, lol! I feel like I've turned into this little rabbit, I can eat any green, fruit or veggie in front of me no questions asked! The way I can do this is by really thinking about the nutrient density of the food. The greener it is, the better! All cruciferous veggies, like broccoli and cauliflower are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and so much good stuff. I can just eat them raw like that! Since I didn't add any of the egg or cheese, I freely added sunflower seeds, raisins and some croutons (I know they have egg!) and tortilla chips.

I also went for the veggie broth-based soups, like lentils ad garbazo beans, tomato and onion, split pea soups -- Mmm, so good! For dessert I had pineapple and orange slices. But then I walked over the the muffins.....Yup, not only did I have muffins: (cranberry, chocolate, brownies and cornbread -- I also had a couple of pizza bread slices and cherry cobbler......I had so much food! Food that I normally don't eat... :/ 

To be honest I craved ice-cream with a brownie!! But I thought about the milk and fat in the ice-cream that I did not have it. I didn't have any of the cheeses but I sill stuffed my face with unhealthy, fattening and sugary muffins and breads. As I ate though, I knew that what I was eating was not good, and that my body IS going to hate me tomorrow!!!

Bret and I did not like eating at Souplantation, and we said it would be the last time. The food is really not good at all. There are very little options for us vegan. It can also be way too tempting. I was a non-vegan tonight. It made me realize that vegan is the only way to go. . .

I have learned something: to stick only to restaurants that offer the food I eat. If I do chose to go to non-vegan restaurants I must stick to making my healthy choices so that my body can work the least hard and get the most nutritional gain from quality foods. Tomorrow will be another day and my body will face the consequences of tonight's food choices. Good night!



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