Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our wedding is 27 days away! In four weeks today, we will be in Yosemite! That morning I'll wake up early, for for a jog and have a blasting workout!

An in preparation for that special day, I have many things to do! I was very stressed a couple of weeks ago (and I still am, but) I've re-assessed my priorities, and my wedding is first. I'll be marrying my partner, my best friend , my lover: the most important person in my life. Other things in my life are in the backburner, but it doesn't mean they are not important. Since my wedding is a few days away, I decided to enjoy planning the little things about it, and patiently wait for that day.

Of course, I still need to be on top of my responsibilities, like working 2 part-time jobs and doing my best in both. I've been studying my statistics book little by little and need to complete a draft by mid-July. But the thesis itself, has less priority right now. (I'll write about that later.)

I am excited today to have lots of fun things to do!
  1. I work our Sanos y Fuertes: Healthy and Strong intervention with 10 Latino parents in Paramount. I'm teaching the Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and Parental Role Modeling sections of the curriculum.
  2. Bret and I are going to his co-worker's, Esther's wedding! She kindly offered to be our wedding photographer! 
  3. After the wedding, we'll be driving from Moorpark through the 101 freeway passing by Woodland Hills, where my sister Laura lives. My parents are baby sitting her kids this weekend, so I'll get to see them and the kids!
  4. I get to pick up her wedding gown, try it on and bring it home! This is what my wedding dress will sort of look like, I love it! ---------------------->>>
Today will be a great day! I just need to jump in the shower, get ready and drink a green smoothie (for breakfast) to fuel me! I hope the smoothie makes me feel better. Honestly, I feel a little tired, I think I needed more sleep :( Oh well. I need to be my best today. Two cups of coffee will do :)



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