Friday, May 31, 2013

Thoughts on the Last Day of May 2013!

Since about 3 weeks ago I have been lifting heavier and doing one more set (for a total of 4) of exercises than what my program suggests.

For the past two weeks the joints in my arms, specifically my wrists and elbows have been hurting...Yes, OUCH, they're inflamed. I have iced them every day whenever I can so subside the pain.

Times like these are when I ask yourself, why am I hurting myself?! And I can only seem to answer that I have felt this way before and I've continued to train hard...then it goes away. I remind myself that feeling some pain is part of the process. Tearing up my muscles for a while (then eating right and enough coupled with sufficient sleep and a rest day or two) will require my muscles to get stronger-- and with patience and more hard work I will see results! 

Today, though it was the first day in a long while since I didn't feel much pain, thank God!I wanted to take today off, but Bret awaits me at the gym for our last workout of the week: LEGS!! My thoughts: How am I ever going to complete that workout??

My body wants to give in to inertia and just kick it at home instead. It's crazy, right now my body feels weak and tired, but my mind is telling me something else.... It tells me that lifting weights will only strengthen my character and body. The hardest part is doing something your body doesn't want to I'm going to do it! I know that once I put on my earphones and wear my lifting gloves I will be ready to go!

Tomorrow I have a full rest day waiting for me. Right now my inner warrior is ready to come out.



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