Sunday, May 19, 2013

Listening to My Body: My Episode While Training at the Gym

"One hour before hitting the weights I eat a balanced meal and (30-45 minutes later) for an energy boost, I only drink 2 cups of green/yerba maté tea. (I take no crazy workout supplements; I just try to get sufficient sleep, eat healthy and plant-strong, and get a small dose of caffeine from tea.)

This afternoon, however, I drank a little more than THREE cups of green/yerba maté tea super fast which got me very, very jittery within a few minutes. Once at the gym, I only was able to perform 2 leg exercises: squats and deadlifts (10 reps with 90 lbs. barbell) and I could no more...I suddenly began hyperventilating and got extremely dizzy. I held on to Bret because I thought I’d fall. I tried to breathe, focus and control myself, but I couldn't get back to normal. Bret was so worried and suggested we stop (he was afraid I’d get a seizure). I insisted I was alright and could finish the workout, I just needed 'a few minutes to rest.'

Five minutes later I began doing weighted lunges, but I felt that my brain wasn’t getting the oxygen it needed; I just couldn’t continue this set anymore. I knew that if I tried to continue I would just pass out. At that point, I decided to stop entirely. My health and safely came first than my ego telling me I had to finish today’s leg workout.
I am resting at home now; I can do nothing else. My mind is not quite there and I feel so weak (I can't even do a head/hand stand to get blood flow to my brain). I'm just going to take it easy, relax and ice my right elbow that is in pain right now. I leave you with one of my all-time favorite songs...This is exactly how I feel right now.



P.S. Live life intensely. Every day is a special gift. Love yourself. Be safe and take care of yourself. Do what you love, love what you do.

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