Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few Goals that I Will Focus on this July

So today is July 1st. We've reached the second half of 2013. (Where am I in my goals? I will write about that soon...)

This morning after reading Leo Babauta's A Year of Living Without blog post I realized that I, too, can also do without a few things in my life yet still be happy and healthy. 

I really do not want sugar in my life anymore. I hate breaking down to the comfort of sweet stuff and then having tummy aches so I decided to go on the next 31 days SWEET-FREE! That's right, no cookies, cakes or sweets. No added or refined sugar. (From January 1-21, 2013, I went on a NO SWEETS adventure, which I successfully completed! By the 23rd, however, I decided to just have a couple of home-made cookies just to see how I felt-- and the craving for sugar came back!) This July, I will stay away from added sugar and will do my best to kick the habit for good! Notice that I am focusing on this month alone; however, I intend to continue sugar free in august again, but well see how it goes as my 32nd birthday is on August 18th. But I'll deal with that when I get there. ;)

This is my list of goal for this month:

For the body:
  • No sweets, no refined or added sugar.
  • No more soy milk. (I had soy milk with my oatmeal this morning--and came up with this goal by 1pm today so tomorrow I will not have any.)
For the mind: 
  • Read great stuff daily
  • Write at least 250 words daily
  • Follow my sleeping schedule and go to bed early ---> wake up early
  • Goal # 7: Be organized. Everything in it's place and a place for everything
  • Goal #8: Relentlessly focus in tasks that need my full attention



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