Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Gifts of Health and Fitness to My Mom and Dad

This Saturday Bret and I headed out to visit my parents' and say hello before they headed out to their Memorial Day weekend trip to Las Vegas!

Look what my mom gave me: a tortilladora I've been looking to buy a tortilladora (tortilla press) as Bret and I are ready to start making our own tortillas with Maseca!

Bret and I gave my mamí and papí a pair of 15 lbs. dumbbells (that Bret had in the closet for years!!) I told my mom that lifting weights will increase her bone density and help with her posture.

To start off, mamí was only able to carry one dumbell with both hands. That's fine, I know she'll work her way up!

Then, I asked my papí to carry them and he was able to lift them both!
 He was so proud of himself and so was I!

Yay! These weights will surely help him increase his muscle mass, bone density and balance and coordination!
He held them up for a while, there!

Shortly after having tried out the dumbbells, we asked them to come shopping with us-- and to bring their ID cards with them. Our plan was to take them to the City of Norwalk's recreation center to buy them both senior annual memberships to the gym!

 (The gifts were "belated" for my dad's birthday and Mother's Day!)

My parents waiting to give their ID cards to get their membership.

My mamí and papí were so excited, they asked me to take this picture of them! :)

I introduced my mom to the lat pull-down machine and showed her how to correctly do this exercise to strengthen her back.
Mamí totally loved this machine! She kept on doing it over and over, she loved the feeling in her back!

Wow, mamí is a natural, she has great form!!! She was focused and controlled her movements very well!

Papí laid his eyes on the low-pulley row and jumped on it and started working back, also!

I told him that next time he comes in he better wear his tennis shoes, LOL! (He was unprepared, he didn't know where we were taking him that afternoon.)

Bret squatting down to be at my parents' height, hehe. ;-) 
Bret paid for their gym memberships, thank you honey!

Can you tell how HAPPY and EXCITED my mom and dad are in the picture above?! I am confident that resistance/weight training will be so beneficial for them in many ways. They will have more energy, improve their body composition, have greater lung capacity, their hearts will be pumping more oxygenated blood to their brain improving over-all health and oh so much more... Also, they'll be joining in senior group classes and they'll get to socialize with others. I just know that in their golden years they get healthier and healthier. How exciting!

As my parents age, and as I age myself (and am more mature, hopefully) I realize how important the physical, mental, emotional/social and spiritual health of seniors is. I am truly blessed to have both my parents living and to share many wonderful moments with them. Un millón de gracias Dios mío/ a million thank yous, dear Creator. 



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