Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ten Tips for Wellness

A couple of night ago I condensed many health tips I give people into My Top 10 Wellness Tips (for the mind, body, heart and spirit):

10) Floss daily. Don't neglect your oral health; flossing your teeth and gums is very healthy!

9) Move, be active! Don’t sit for long periods of time.

8) Get sufficient sleep. Sleep helps your body to rejuvenate, re-energize and restore. 

Every one has different sleeping needs, but research suggests that adults should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. I aim for this amount and I focus on getting "quality" sleep. (I wear earplugs and a blindfold to bed every night.)
7) Drink lots of water! Hydration prevents and and relieves headaches, promotes digestion and has many more benefits.

6) Eat mostly plants: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. “When eating plants focus on QUALITY not quantity.” 

Eat More Eat Less
Instead of "eating less" of the stuff on the red arrow, I would say to avoid them. Not only will these foods derail you from reaching your health and fitness goals, but I honestly feel that these will encourage any addictions of unhealthy foods, cause mood swings and irritability, and make you sicker more frequently than not consuming them at all. Stick to a whole foods, plant-based diet.

5) Question negative thoughts that pop into your head. Our own mind can be our worst enemy.
Don't believe your mind when it tells you something negative. Your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

4) For happiness: enjoy getting sunshine (for vitamin D production), genuinely smile, and be kind to others.

 3) Cultivate self-love. Only you can truly love and accept yourself as you are.

2) Breathe and be here now; Be present.
This is your life, it's happening right now! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, feel guilty about the past or stress/worry about the future.

1) Set the example of healthy living. Be the change. 
I try to live my life by this simple quote alone.



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