Monday, May 6, 2013

Check Out My Plant-Powered Lunch Today!

I just realized that I had a huge salad for lunch today! Here it is:

2 (or 3!) cups of green- and red-leaf lettuce, grilled polenta with onions and artichokes (canned); I also had a side of a grilled tomato and semi-steamed broccoli seasoned with garlic and herbs. I also added some balsamic vinegar on top

Here is nother nutritious meal that you can make quickly: Mole Poblano Rice and Bean Bowl!!
Step 1: In a bowl add cooked brown rice and (canned- was too lazy to make from scratch) black beans.
Step 2: Add warm, grilled and seasoned colorful bell peppers, asparagus, kale, tomatoes and onions (I already had these as left overs from the night before.) I couldn't help myself and I began to stir everything together!
Step 3: I heated up my mom's mole poblano and added to the bean and rice with veggies bowl. I topped it with baby avocado slices and it was ready to be devoured!

My parents got back from Mexico 2 weeks ago and my mom brought Bret and I candy from Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla Mexico! 

We love to eat Mexican candy because it was intended to be candy from REAL CANE SUGAR and not junk like what is considered "candy" in the U.S. (with all that high fructose corn syrup)!

Camotes (sweet potato/yam candies) in different flavors; Jamoncillo (Powdered pumpkin seeds with REAL cane sugar) is in the top right, this one is SO GOOD!

Duxtitlan is the brand, but the candy, Alegria, is made from pure amaranth!!! (It also has peanuts and raisins covered in pure REAL cane sugar!) Amaranth is a super-food, also known as a pseudo-grain because it is very high in protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

After being fueled by my huge lunch, I had my 2 cups of green tea and yerba mate and now I'm ready to meet Bret at the gym to work back and biceps! 

Happy beginning of the week, happy Monday!



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