Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pens & Pencils: Use them up, Don't Store Them!

Green Tuesday: 

This week I begin teaching my nutrition and fitness classes and I wanted to have pens ready for my participants to use. On Monday I thought about buying some new pens and pencils, but every time I think 'I need' this or that, I ask myself: 

"Do I really need it? 
Do I already have it at home?"
You can see how dusty the lid of the container is from not being opened in years!
Instead of buying new ones, I took out Bret's container of pens (which has been lying around the house for years!) so that I could use up. I separated the working ones, kept them; and threw the non-working ones to the recycling bin
 It actually kind of fun (and it was a good exercise for my fingers). ;-) It also felt good ppracticing this thought:  there is always more than we can do with the stuff we already have instead of buying new stuff that can just go un-used until who knows when.  

Right after that little task, I finished my large cup of yerba mate and green tea and Bret and were ready to hit the gym for a tough leg session!



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