Friday, February 8, 2013

MaryJo Cooke Elliott: VEGAN IFBB Figure/Bikini Pro!

I met MaryJo Cooke Elliott (IFBB Figure Pro) in January 2007 at the L.A. Fit Expo-- just when I started my fitness journey. I asked her to look at my food journal she told me I was eating "too much sugar", but I didn't really know what that meant... (We were both meat-eaters back then and hardly ate fruit). She probably also told me that I wasn't eating enough protein and I thought I needed to up my meat intake and eat less fruit. I was a little sad :(

Fast forward 5 years into January 2012- we both started our journey as vegans! She now is an IFBB Bikini Pro (transitioned from Figure) and I have the best health and fitness of my life! Now, 6 years later (2013) I am on my way to earning those awesome shoulders of hers that captivated me the day I met MaryJo! :)

So MaryJo and I are one year into this V-lifestyle and work towards spreading the V-love. Today, we do not eat meat or animal products and we eat lots of SUGAR from fruits, that is :) We get enough protein through a well-balanced plant-based diet!

Somehow along the way MaryJo and I (and many people, too) realized that a wholefoods plant-based nutrition is the way to go for a healthy lifestyle that brings so much abundance of the good things in life! Health is wealth.

I missed MaryJo by a hair at the L.A. Vegan Health and Fit Expo last month. I sent her a message on Facebook and she said she would like to meet me for lunch! :) I am so excited at the idea, I would love to pick her brain and tell her how much her physique inspires me. 

I checked out her 5-part interview at ( and I learned so much about her and from her. If you get a chance, I would recomend to hear it and see for yourself!



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