Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Foods That Make Me Happy!

Nutrition/Food Wednesday:

I have a Plant-Based Foods album on Facebook, but since I'm taking a break from it right now, I decided to post my plant-based foods on here. 

Frozen banana, mango and berries protein pudding with chia seeds, a pre-workout meal. Click here for the recipe.

One night we had potato crispy tacos! (This is my plate)
I made "refried" beans by just adding cooked beans to the Vitamix, some onion and salt, and blended away!
Bret's plate of 3 crispy potato tacos, "refried" beans, veggies, mashed potatoes and a small bunch of spinach.
You may say that all of that is too many carbs! And my response would be, "I guess you can say, that, but more than just carbs-- they are complex carbohydrates. It's great nutrition from excellent plant-based sources. Carbs are the main source of energy the body and (I've heard) the only source of energy the brain needs to function. I love carbs!" Focus on quality, not quantity. :)

Post-workout green protein smoothie!
For the first time, we ate spaghetti squash! Here's how you prepare it and bake it: Poke a few holes with a fork all over the squash and cook it at 375 degrees for 1 hour.
Baked spaghetti squash
 Cut it in lengthwise in half and with a fork scrape the inside, which looks like spaghetti, thus the name :)  
(Do not eat the skin).

Later that evening, we had all of this for dinner. Yum, I love spaghetti sauce! 

  I wish I could sit with you and actually share my food! I hope you can go grab some ideas from the blog and cook away your plant-based meals. Thanks for reading! ;)



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