Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary to Bret and Me!

Today is our 5 year Anniversary! Wow, time has flown because we realize that each day we are more in love with each other. Here is a brief recap of our past, and update on our present and dreams for the future:

How we met. You can read this blog post. 

How he proposed last year (at our 4th Anniversary dinner). You can read this blog post.

Where we are. Today we are 6 months into our marriage and it's been a joyous ride! In the past 6 months we have been through what normal couples goes through. We've had our ups, shared so much laughter, had great conversations, etc. We also have had our downs: disagreements, moments of being angry at each other, crying and saying not-so nice things to each other. But we have learned from each of those good and bad experiences and we know that it will only get better from here! 

I guess some people might say that we are still in the "honeymoon stage" as if that is just a phase and one day we'll be at each others throats. I'll tell you this: the strength of our relationship depends on what we BOTH contribute to it. I always brag about what a wonderful relationship Bret and I have, but it also true that we disagree and sometimes even don't talk (well, for a few minutes only), but we are work very hard to improve our relationship. I mostly have to do the work since I can be very reactive (but I am working on it, I promise). Nothing is perfect and it will never be, I got that. But I can do my best.

It doesn't matter to me that people think it's just a phase. I always think of what one that my mentors, Dr. America Bracho told me once about she and her husband of 12 years: "Oh! We are on a honeymoon every day!"What a great answer. Now that is how I want to live my life, that is what I want to be able to say. It is what you make of it, not simply going with the flow of what everyone expects out of years and years of marriage.

Where we will go. Bret and I have a vision for our future together: how we will love, acknowledge and respect each other, as well as how to cope with problems, communicate efficiently, and enjoy and appreciate the important things in life. We have a vision for changing the world together every day by doing little things! I think we should develop a Mission Statement together and hang it on our wall. Yes, I'm serious. One of my favorite books, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the late Stephen Covey poses that even couples need a written personal mission statement embedded in Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind.

I'm sure you're wondering, what about babies-- I know my family IS! ;)  Yes, the very thought excites me! (I say it excites me more because Bret and I have discussed this topic-- a lot. I think that when I actually do get pregnant, Bret will go through things and experience feelings we never is his life has before-- even more so than the feelings he has for me.) Our live will change drastically and we know we will be in for a Magical Mystery Tour! If it happens next month, later this year or next year, we are ready to welcome Beatle Baby Bea or Beatle Baby Bret!

In the meantime, Bret and I will continue strengthening our relationship. I strive to be the best woman, citizen and wife I can be. Bret also strives to be the best person, teacher, citizen and husband he can be. Becoming parents and raising a family is just a matter of time. We will make the best of our present lives together.



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