Monday, August 1, 2011

Sharpening my Saw (body, mind, heart and spirit)

I love Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Effective People (and also The 8th Habit, by the same author)! This book was recommended to me by my mentor and role model, Dr. America Bracho, whom lives and leads by the "7 Habits" herself. When I read the book(s), I fell in love with the messages and decided to use it as a guide in my own life. Here is a glimpse of what is meant to "Sharpen the Saw" (Habit 7):

"I have also found that by making four simple assumptions in our lives we can immediately begin leading a more balanced, integrated, powerful life. They are simple–one for each part of our nature–but I promise you that if you do them consistently, you will find a new wellspring of strength and integrity to draw on when you need it most.

1) For the body–assume you've had a heart attack; now live accordingly.

2) For the mind–assume the half-life of your profession is two years; now prepare accordingly.

3) For the heart–assume everything you say about another, they can overhear; now speak accordingly.

4) For the spirit–assume you have a one-on-one visit with your Creator every quarter; now live accordingly"

~Stephen Covey (1932 -)

It is not an easy thing to remember to live by the 7 Habits, but I do my best. Yeah, there are times when I mess up, I am only human and I make a lot of mistakes, but I try to clean up my act and start over. The search to become the woman I am meant to be continues...



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