Monday, August 22, 2011

Can I adopt a dessert-free diet?

 So yesterday Bret and I went out to dinner with his dad and his dad's wife to celebrate our birthdays (me on the 18th and Bret's dad on the 20th). When we got our free "birthday" treat (yummy churros with melted ice cream) we dove in, except Bret's dad, Jim.

Jim has not had any sweets in 34 consecutive years! (Bret's mom once told me that the last time Jim had anything sweet was their wedding cake.) I asked him why he wouldn't have dessert and he said "I don't eat what is not good for me, and that is not good for me,"  he said pointing at the dessert with his eyes. Jim has conditioned himself to not crave anything sweet at all. What he will have for dessert after dinner is a piece of fruit, and that is all.

I told him, "I wanna be like you. How did you do it?" His response was that he just stopped cold turkey, maybe had a couple of relapses, but then tried again and never looked back. I know it sounds crazy, but I admire that, lol. I want to quit eating sweet stuff and never look back. My body doesn't really need it and by eating it I am just eating additional calories, saturated fat and sugar. I know that people say, "it's not a big deal; it won't hurt you." I already know that, but I just don't want to eat it. I wonder if I can do it....The problem is that I like the feeling I get inside when I eat dessert. I think this will be a challenge, but I am willing to try it.

So, next challenge: reduce the amount of sweets and desserts I currently eat (my problem!), at least until September 24th. In the past 5 days since my birthday I have had ice cream, breads and sweets, cookies, carrot cake slices and flan, sweet bread, cake slices (chocolate and vanilla), churros and ice cream and peach cobbler. I'm serious. This is NOT good....I don't even want to weigh myself, because the way my belly feels and looks already tells me that I am not in the right path. Although I feel guilty, I try not to focus on that, but to focus on making the change. When will I make a change? Why do I always fall and get on the path to eating sweets again? Something's gotta change.

I have less than 5 weeks for my 2nd competition. These next 4 weeks are crucial. Alright, Bea. Cut the sweet stuff. FOCUS. I'm gonna stay away and see things differently. I have a lot of family birthdays these next 5 weeks, that is a lot of cake, but this is my game plan: I will eat birthday cake! I will eat only 1 slice and not ask for seconds. I know this will not be easy, but sooner of later this kind of eating will have to stop, so this is how I am starting.

I gotta say that every time I see my suegro (father-in-law) easily and calmly say no to sweets, I get inspired, and I feel I one day can do the same. So let's see how it goes :)



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