Monday, August 1, 2011

What the f*#k is McDonald's doing again?

What the f*#k is McDonald's doing???

I went on to the Power 106 website to play the live stream and I came across this McDonald's ad. This kind of s#!t McDonald's pulls makes me so angry. Wow....We are in the midst of the obesity and overweight epidemic and fast food advertisements are everywhere! 

I cannot believe it. The ad says "count fries not sheep," as if sleep did not matter. Come on! Fries are bad for you, they are evil and poisonous to the body. French fries are full of grease, saturated fat, have tons of calories (mostly FAT calories!), BAD carbohydrates and they have no nutritional value. Yuck! Why would anyone want to eat that?!

Sleep on the other hand is one of the healthiest things one can do. We need plenty sleep to survive. Sufficient sleep controls the level of cortisol in our bodies. (Cortisol is a the chemical in our fight or flight responses.) When we don't sleep our bodies release more cortisol, the more cortisol in our body, the least likely we are to burn fat. So yes -- little sleep = more cortisol = more stress = fat.  How can McDonald's tell people to count fries -- and not sheep (sleep)? What McDonald's wants is more profits. There are more 24 hour locations and drive-thrus where people can have access to their fat food ALL the time and don't even have to walk anymore to order it! Fat calories + less physical activity = weight gain. McDonald's is sure to make that happen as fast as possible as long as they make money.

I have so many issues with the fast food industry, it is ridiculous....It is sad to say that more times than not, I hear from people, "it is not that bad. Everything in moderation." Yeah right! Do people actually know what goes into fast-food??? That is not even real food and that alone is the reason why overweight and obesity have alarming rates all over the country (and globally!). In the US, low-income, less educated, people of color (i.e., Latinos, African Americans and Native Americans) suffer the most from overweight and obesity.
The obesity epidemic in America is the most alarming and threatening health issue I have seen in my life. It is terrible that this disease affects 2 out of every 3 Americans and 1 out of 3 children and adolescents. I scanned the report, F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2011, by
(|2011-07-26_FinFat&utm_content=003A000000ommDmIAI&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=read%20the%20whole%20report&Hutm_campaign=How%20fat%20is%20{State|your%20state}%3F). I saw that the state’s most affected by overweight and obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, and hypertension are in the South of the US with Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia taking the top three. Poor people of color are the majority of the population in these states. This is a tremendous health disparity based on race and socioeconomic status. What an injustice!

I blame the fast-food industry, in large part, for the decline of American's health. I despise fast-food restaurants; yeah, even Subway....To me there is no such thing as healthy fast-food or that it is "not that bad." The truth of the matter is that it is just that bad.
If I can tell readers to do just one thing to improve their health is DO NOT eat fast-food. That will make a huge difference in the way you feel, look, think, sleep and you will be a much happier and healthier person. I promise.

Yay! Dinner time is here! :D



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