Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just signed up for my 2nd bikini competition

After my fist competition and seeing all the fruits if my hard work at the gym and preparing meals in the kitchen I gave myself a new goal to compete once again on September 24th at Hermosa Beach. Preparing for something like this in my life has prepared me in all other aspects of my life. I am much more organized in my thoughts and actions. Although I still struggle at times with getting the energy or motivation to get up and continue the fight in things, the passion to fight what is right gets me through.

On Friday night I signed up for the competition in Hermosa Beach. I am less than 2 weeks out! I am very excited. I feel that I know what lies ahead. I want to feel those warm light on my skin again and have the stage all to myself. I think I have found a way to live. I love being conscious and aware of what I eat, each time I put something in my mouth. I love to move and feel my muscles burning when I am going up the stairs, or just walking fast to get somewhere. I love the feeling running gives me and how my heart pumps blood all the time.



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