Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some goals for myself to meet by my30th birthday (August 18th, 2011)

I am 28 days away from the big 3-0! I am determined to make every day count! These days will never come again so I need to live in the moment and make the best of what life offers me. Since Monday (2 days ago) I have eaten clean and stuck to my dietary goals and training. This mornign I had an awesome back and bicep workout. I finished with 11 minutes of HIIT on the stepmill. Phew! That was tough and intense! I loved it every drip of sweat on my body!

So I have set some goals for myself to meet by my30th  birthday (August 18th, 2011):

1) I am going to eat clean everyday, and allow myself only 2 cheat meals a week. I am still on the 30 day vegetarian challenge (started July 1st). I am going to stick to my training and do the best I can possibly perform each day.

2)  I want to sport the most defined and strongest abs I have ever had!  I want to see the product of my determination, discipline an diligent work! Each day I must do the right thing, again and an again. That is the only way to see results!

3) I also want to be able to do one-arm push ups! I am not sure how many yet, but the goal is to be in the best shape of my life!

Take it one day at a time, Bea. Enjoy the process and your journey aging backwards, lol! I believe in myself.



PS. Here is my meal plan for today:

5:30am Meal 1
Protein pancake
1/3 cup organic rolled oats; 2 egg whites; 1 whole egg (organic, cage-free); calorie-free syrup

8:00am Meal 2 (Postworkout)
1 medium/large banana
2 oz. soy milk + 5 oz. water and 1 scoop whey+casein protein

10:15am Meal 3
1/2 cup - 2/3 cup plain soy yogurt; 5 sliced strawberries; 2 tbsp. organic flax seeds

1:00pm Meal 4
1 cup O. spinach; O. black beans, chickenless chicken (8 strips) O. tomatoes, O. onion, O. green bell pepper; LOTS of pepper :/

3:45pm Meal 5
1 scoop of veggie protein + 5 oz. water
3 O. celery stalks; 2 tbsp. O. natural PB; some raisins

6:30pm Meal 6

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