Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick Update On My Fitness (last 9 weeks)

Yesterday, Bret and I officially completed the first week of Phase 3 (week 9) of the LiveFit Trainer Program! We've been working out together since December 31st when we started the program and we haven’t missed a day of doing our workouts together, I love it! I always used to think that I was better off working out alone. I didn’t have any friends who’d work out as hard as I did (or even wanted to) so I always did it on my own. But now, I am proud to say that Bret is my workout buddy.  He is so disciplined and focused that his company and extra push has kept me on track and going all these weeks. I really enjoy training together and getting fit together. 

Throughout all these weeks I've seen Bret’s body transform, it's awesome! I tease him all the time or I guess it’s called flirting (?) : 
 “Ha! Look at those lines in your stomach—you’re getting cut!

OMG, your veins are really popping and about to explode!

What?!  I never saw this muscle on your back before!

Wow, your legs are so hard and your calves are crazy!” (He goes really heavy when we do calf work.)
 All he does is smile and flexes for me! ;)

This is my second time doing the program and I am enjoying it even more so that the first time. The first time I really pushed myself to levels I wasn’t exposed to before. Now my body recognizes some of this, but I am much stronger and it helps that Bret is there to push me to do a little more. I think it has a lot to do with hanging out with Bret all the time. We have gotten a lot closer, since we both know exactly how hard and which body parts we’ve trained that day/ week.  

I’ve noticed somewhat of a transformation on my own body, but honestly I haven’t focused on it as much as I used to. I just train hard, eat well and have come a long way in appreciating my body and loving it just as it is. I am happy with whom I am what I look like and I feel that I discover myself almost every day. 

This past week (9) I was drenched in sweat!!! Week 9 is about burning fat and maintaining the muscle mass we gained in the last 8 weeks. We are supposed to do 20-30 minutes of cardio (on non-leg days) but we haven’t because of time sakes, but if we did we would be burning up so much fat! I’m kinda glad we haven’t done much cardio because we would otherwise be much hungrier that we already are! :D (I tell people; the best part about working-out is that you get to eat often because you’re burning up so many calories!)

I want to lean out a little more and literally see how my body shapes by the end of March. Next week, we will aim to do more cardio after our workouts, just to turn up the heart a little more. In reality though, it is not about the workouts; getting lean is a result of what you eat for the most part. I eat what I want, when I want. (I only crave wholesome, natural, plant-based foods – and absolutely no junk food). I don't intend to diet to get lean; I just need to make better, more conscious food choices, like eating less salt and sugar, having more balance in my meals, including being more timely eating them, sleeping more so my body doesn’t stress out much and staying hydrated. 

My fitness goals are to be fit, increase muscle mass, be lean, and have endurance, flexibility and balance. I also want to dance more, do martial arts, do yoga and sleep deeper. (Only through sleep we get to grow!) I am well aware that change comes gradually and I will get there, I know it. I just gotta put in the work, be patient, love the process and enjoy the ride of life!




  1. I need to cut down on junk food as well, I almost went over 200 lbs. and I'm striving to stay under, I'm trying to workout more often and not let school be an obstacle especially with me playing lacrosse. (It's a fun sport). However, I still manage to eat fruits and other nutritionally beneficial stuff as well. So I hope I have someone I can enjoy working out with.

    1. Hi Renald! That's great ti know you're playing lacrosse, it does sound like fun! You know, I've realized that it's the little things we do (over along time) that make the difference the most. So watching out from eating that extra cookie, serving, dressing really does make a difference. Likewise, being consistent in eating right and working out goes a long way. Good luck, see you soon! B'

    2. Yeah getting back on track seems easy for me, and apparently putting in the effort is the key, I'm really glad you're doing good though, and its a really good thing, It's a really awesome post you post on your blog, and thanks for the tip I'm glad to get back on track on following tips.

  2. I find it advantageous when someone’s there to offer support on the journey to becoming fit. Whether it’s a personal trainer or a gym buddy, it’s great to have someone who’ll give encouragement during the good and bad days. The motivation makes the whole process more enjoyable.

    1. Hi Mathias, I'm glad you found this post encouraging :) It's a life journey, a life style. Keep training hard and loving it!