Friday, March 29, 2013

Get your Calories from QUALITY Sources and Burn Calories by Doing Fun and Productive Activities

"Losing weight" is not about "calories in and calories out". Technically, I guess it is...BUT it's actually the QUALITY of calories one eats -- not the QUANTITY of calories. 

In order for me to get strong, fit and healthy, function effectively, have tons of energy and give love to those around me, I choose to get my calories from quality sources -- all from plants and nothing more.

Where do your calories come from? What fun activities do you do in order to burn calories? Check out this infographic:



  1. Bea I was wondering how much Calories are in a pound? Cause It seems like the calories you burn you lose weight. And I know the less you eat, you lose weight as well.

  2. Hi Renald, there are 3,500 calories in 1 lb. Technically, if you burn enough calories you will lose weight-- but remember that the # we weight does not mean we are healthy. One could be healthy, muscular, have low body fat, be agile and flexible while "weighing" heavier on the scale; while a thin person can be also be unhealthy. Keep in mind that the less one eats, the less energy the body has to expend and the the brain has to think. If you don't consume enough QUALITY calories in your diet, you may "lose weight", but at the cost of energy, stamina and will feel crappy. It's not about calories in/calories out. It's about quality, not quantity of calories. I hope this helps. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip apreciate it i hope it's not an April fools joke. But yeah thank you for the tip. Bea :) and ill make sure im in good shape.