Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nutrition Tuesday: Pictures of My Plant-Based Foods!

Nutrition Tuesday: 

Some pictures of the delicious plant-based foods I've eaten: 

Bret's vegan oatmeal cookies

Packing our green smoothies before we head out the house! (I recycle/reuse the tomato sauce jar to drink my green smoothies :)

Farmer's market Tuesday and 2 things from Trader Joe's.

I just put a salad together from we had in the fridge for a quick lunch: spinach, cooked black beans and corn, grilled 2 medium-sized carrots and topped with 1 tbsp. of sesame seeds and Asian dressing!

Indian food at The Streets of India! Lots of veggies with curry and cauliflower bread, which were SO good!!!

Thanksgiving Dinner in March!: Cooked kale salad with carrots, apple cider and ginger, topped with sesame seeds sweet potato puree and Tofurky (unopened package we had in the freezer since Thanksgiving 2012!); and Bret's home-made cranberry sauce!
I made delicious vegan potato salad! It was so yummy that I ate straight from the batch, haha! In fact, I'll make it again for dinner tonight! :D (I'll share the recipe soon!)

 Vegan dinner at LYFE Kitchen in Downtown Culver City: 

Sweet corn chowder soup
Crunchy quinoa wrap was so good, but I can definately make this at home! ;)

Bret had poblano pepper, broccoli and greens flat bread pizza! We can totally make this at home too!!!

As you can see, I eat so much yummy and healthy food! I get all of my nutrients straight from the source: PLANTS! <3



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