Thursday, May 31, 2012

I got kind, sweet compliments from an older gentleman at the gym today :)

This Thursday morning at the gym an older gentleman came up to me, as I was getting off the scale (which read 116lbs).

I wasn't sure what he was up to, but had a feeling it was positive. He said in a nice tone, "Can I tell you something? I don't want to offend you in any way, but I thought I'd let you know."

"Yeah, sure." I answered with a smile on my face.

"You look amazing. I have never- all the years I've spent at the gym- never seen such a hard working woman. I see you and you just don't stop. I just had to tell you, what ever you're doing keep going!" And he went on to say more very nice, sweet, kind words...I had no idea that this man had been walking me and had been thinking of me very highly. He sounded very genuine, in no way were his comments aimed in a bad way- trust me, I would have been able to tell! His comments were very flattering,I felt like I blushed :)

The gentlemen (who's name later I found out is Howard) and I had a long conversation for about 20 minutes or so. It was so much fun talking with him; I felt I could be myself. We talked about life, health, food and fitness and we almost finished each other's sentences, LOL! He was probably in his mid to late 60's but looked very good, fit and healthy. It's always such a great feeling to know I can connect with older people, sometimes much better than I can connect to people my age, it's strange, but I really like it! 

His sweet and kind words and great conversation we had set me off int he right foot this morning! I was so pumped when I stepped in the treadmill and the 30 minutes of cardio flew! This was Howard's random act of kindness of the day and it made me feel loved, then my day was amazing, loved it!

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