Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 weeks out!

Last week on Wednesday I came home to find my bikini had arrived in the mail! It's gorgeous! I tried it on but my gut/ belly was sticking out! I did try it on at 9pm at night and so of course my body was exhausted and full of water! No worries though, because I know that by competition day I will have dried all the water out of my body and I will look great!

I take weekly pictures of my progress first thing in the morning when I wake up. At this time of the day my tummy is the flattest and my body doesn't hold any water (8 hours lying down and no water) so they way I look is close to what I will look like on competition day :)

(Oops, I forgot to suck in my stomach in these side pics and stick out my booty, hehe)

I forgot to stick my butt out for this pic - I guess I was still sleepy ;-)

Only a few more days to go and show time! In the mean time, I am taking one meal at a time and doing my best. Today is a low carb day so no oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potato, or fruit :( I already had my banana in my mean, green shake I had for breakfast - no more fruit. That's okay, I can handle it.

Yesterday was supposed to be a low carb day too. I was doing good all morning, but by 3:30pm I messed up. I confess that I had a high carb meal....I was so weak all morning yesterday and I realized Bret forgot his lunch at home.... I took a peek inside his lunch pail and found this: a sandwich (2 slices Ezekiel bread, tons of PB, a whole banana sweetened with lots of agave syrup)! I said, "Ahh, I'm going to cheat." And I ate it! Afterwards, my stomach got puffy :( Oh well....I did enjoy it :)

Sofia provided me a meal plan for the next few days consisting of lots of greens. My leafy green uptake is so high and it's delicious! On Friday night for dinner an Saturday min-morning I had mustard greens. Mmm, they were so good! To make sure that my body is absorbing all the nutrients from the green foods I am not supplementing with spirulina. I also need to buy chlorophyll drops to add to my water through the day. 

Additionally, I am drinking warm water with lemon upon waking to help with my digestion and flush toxins. The supplements I'm taking are: 
  • Muti-vitamiun (1 cap after meal #1)
  • Glucosamine chondroitin ( 2 caps after meal #1)
  • Spirulina (after meal #1)
  • BCAA's (braich chained amino acids) (2 caps 40 min pre-workout; 2 caps immediately after workout)
  • Glutamine (2 caps immediately after workout; 2 caps before bed; 1 sometimes at any given time during the day)
  • Pre-workout supplement (for energy and focus) (40 minutes pre-workout)
I only take these supplements just to make sure I get what I need, but I am hoping everything comes my diet!

So here goes another day. Gotta live it to the fullest and love it.  I must stay focused and be productive. First things first, Bea. Get it done!



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