Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My co-worker who is a medical student just diagnosed me with a drop in glucose! It's true!!

This morning after meal #3, my female co-worker offered me some whole wheat crackers. I said, no, thank you -- of course -- because I know that, not only is this type of food not allowed, but that I really don't want it because of the poor nutritional value (when I compare it to my contest-prep diet of tons of veggies and greens, healthy fats, low-carb and very little fruit). I don't know what happened though....I fell...I ended up having 5 crackers! The serving size was 3 crackers with 70 calories and 35 of them being fat! I didn't even bother checking the sodium or carb content - how careless of me. As it turns out, these crackers are high on GI (glycemic index

I felt very lethargic and it was hard to focus, so I took a break and went for a walk to breath fresh and get 2 minutes of sunshine (NOT enough, right? Since I have darker skin, I need a minimum of 30 minutes a day to get my dose of vitamin D!) As I walked I wondered, why the heck did I crave the crackers?! It wasn't so much about feeling guilty, no. What I ate, I already ate, so what. After eating the crackers though, I asked myself, why did  "craved" them?? What is missing in my diet? Are greens not enough? I noticed that my tummy got bloated right after I ate the crackers and no longer craved my lunch (big salad). It's 1:33pm now, and I was supposed to have my lunch at 1:15pm. I'm not hungry :-/

When I got back to my desk I mentioned it to my coworker who is a med student and he said "it's your glucose, it dropped." And I was like "YEAH! Oh my god, those crackers threw me off!" My body recognized that this food was no good, spiking my blood sugar and then I had a drop in glucose....Wow, our bodies are SO amazing! Since I became vegan, and more recently as semi-raw vegan, I am noticing how sensitive my body is to "junk" or foreign foods. I best be careful what goes in my body so I don't have crappy moments.



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