Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Health Tips from Olympians

I read this somewhere this past fall and I loved it so much I want to apply it to myself...(oops, I forgot the source, but I had to share with you):

Health Tips from Olympians:

1) Breathe Well
  • Breathing is the body's ability to regulate and fend off stress
  • Breathign reduces anxiety, self-doubt and muscle tension; distracting thoughts can cause anxiety and affect your ability to perform at your peak
  • Exercise: inhale for 4 seconds (through your nose), exhale for 6 seconds (through your mouth); both for for ten times.
2)  Follow 3 Big Diet Rules

  1. Eat enough protein (athletes, even vegan ones, need a little more protein)
  2. Skip sugars
  3. Plan ahead - be prepared with your food, snacks, meals, dinners, everything. 
3) Follow 3 More:
  1. Never get hungry and never get too full if you want to eat like an elite athlete. "Allow your metabolism to work for you rather than against you." 
  2. Follow the 80/20 Rule: 80% for fuel; 20% okay for a break or treat
  3. Once that becomes a habit, use the 95/5  Rule (I am pretty close to that :)
  • Always plug in 5 extra minutes for stretches. 
That's all. I think I read it in the Huffington Post and I can't find the link. I am sure there are many more tips we can get from Olympians lie, eating well, what to eat for max performance, the importance of sleep, relaxation, visualization, goal setting, warming up, cooling down, and so much more. But the 3 from this article is to: 1) breathe, 2) eat enough and plan, 3) follow your diet, and 4) stretch after your workout. Happy training!




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